The best way to describe a couple is to hear it from their own perspective. Jessica expressed them beautifully to me before their wedding.

"Alex and I are buds, and we share the same crazy sense of humor. I think what makes us unique is how firmly we believe in being partners. We do everything we can together, and rely on each other for advice, encouragement and friendship. Alex has embraced my love of theater, and we go into Balt./DC for shows all the time (including my own-I perform with an improv troup in Baltimore). Alex loves video games and robots, so I've played my fair share of video games and am trying to convince him to build a robot that can make me drinks. We love to travel together. We've been to Italy, Greece, Mexico and Canada, and whenever we strike it rich, we want to go on an around the world adventure. He really is my best friend and my biggest supporter (and I'm his too.) Honestly, as boring as it sounds, I think our favorite thing to do together is talk to each other. Sitting somehwere beautiful by the water with a glass of wine, talking about future plans and making each other laugh."

"My ideal wedding has all of my friends and family in one place, celebrating life and having a blast. Good company, alcohol and dancing, and of course beautiful pictures that Alex and I can show our grandkids one day! "

This really is the goal of every wedding that I have been to, but the main point I like is the importance of photographs. I strongly encourage my couples to print their photos in order to preserve the memories and have something to share for years to come. 

The day wasn't ideal for weather, but it never stops me from taking creative photos. Sometimes the moments right after a storm give us dramatic clouds and the reflective puddles I love to use. The reception had beautiful purple lush flowers and greens that spilled over onto the table. The party went into the evening with loads of goofy dancing.

These two taught me with a bit of compromise and laughter a partnership can only grow stronger. 

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Thanks to all the wedding professionals that made this day awesome!

Flowers - Island Flowers

Wedding Gown - Annapolis Bridal & Tuxedo

USNA Organist - Monte Maxwell 

Cake - Cakes and Confections Bakery