Maternity photography is a different art then newborn photography. The question is how to make new moms feel comfortable and beautiful in their skin while growing a whole human inside of them. I want all my clients to feel gorgeous and excited about all the photos I take of them, and especially maternity photos. 

 Laura & Rob are the cutest couple and I think they are going to be beautiful parents!  The baby will be here any day now and I had to share these insanely gorgeous images of the two of them. I asked Laura a couple questions about how she was feeling waiting for the baby to come and I love her answers. 

"I can’t wait to see our baby for the first time, holding the baby, feeling the baby’s hand curl around my finger...seeing Rob hold our baby for the first time and look into his/her eyes...  I know I’m going to cry. This has been the happiest pregnancy and I have felt so good. And Rob has been so great. I’m very lucky. 3 weeks to go! But anything could happen!!!!

What are you excited about when the baby comes? 

We are both really excited to see and meet this tiny little babe that we both created. It’s just wild when you think about it. I’m excited to watch our baby grow and see the personality that he or she develops. 

Rob is VERY excited to dress our baby up. He’s all about outfits. Our baby will be a new outfit for photo ops at least 3x/day. He has been involved and interested.  He has been to practically every doctor appointment, he took all the baby classes with me, and has gone to visit daycare providers and pediatricians.  

Is there anything that scares you about being a parent?

Everything is scary!!! With everything going on in the world, it’s scary not being certain you can protect your child. You want to shield them from danger, bullying, a broken heart, etc. Rob and I both want to be able to give our baby the best life - we were both blessed with amazing parents, so we just want to be able to provide a happy, safe, and fun home for our children. It’s a lot of pressure!

Do you have any advice for soon to be moms? 

"Enjoy every minute! It goes by soooo fast. Take the opportunity to pamper yourself. Get pedicures and massages. Eat the foods you want to eat without worrying so much. Along with fruit and healthy foods, I still ate bacon, lunch meat (oops), ice cream, lots of pancakes, etc. I didn’t put myself on any crazy diet. Take pictures each week! Measure your belly! Write down how you feel each week! Keep a journal. This is such an emotional and special journey together before we both become parents. Take as much time to spend with your partner before your roles change." 

Where did she get her dress?

If you LOVE it as much as I do you can get your own at -