Questions & Answers – Old

Why should I do an engagement portrait?

An engagement portrait is a time for us to get to know each other. I am going to be with you on one of the most exciting and important days of your life. I don’t want to be a stranger behind the lens to you!! You can also get a signature board and an announcement photo from the session!! It is a win-win situation.

When do you arrive to start shooting?

My arrival time is up to you, and for most brides that means arrive a couple hours before the ceremony. That is also a good time for me to get to know the important people in your wedding and for you all to get accustomed to me photographing you nonstop. I will be with you for the amount of hours we agree on before the day of the wedding.

Do you shoot Portraits?

Getting an amazing portraits of the bride and groom are essential. As the day progresses I will occasionally see a nice opportunity to pose a quick portrait of the bride and groom, but the best pictures are built into your schedule. I like to have in at least twenty minutes before the ceremony with the bride alone and with her bridesmaids and twenty minutes or more with the bride and groom alone to get those first special moments after you are married. The more time you allow for creativity the more photos we can get.

Can you take Formal Group Photographs?

Formal group photos of your choice are always part of my services. These usually take around twenty minutes or more depending on the size of the families/groups/number of group shots. It helps for me to know whom you want to be photographed with before the event so if you can give me a list of names and shots it is very helpful. If you are able to see each other before the ceremony sometimes I recommend taking group shots then as an easy solution to not cut into your party time during the cocktail hour and reception.

When should we take formal or family wedding photographs?

The best time for getting through the family shots efficiently is immediately following the ceremony when everyone is in one place and still looking their best. Formal shots may also be taken before the ceremony depending on what scenario suits your wedding best.

Can we tell you what photos to take?

I am always open to requests, but it is hard working from a shot list as a photographer. In photojournalism the unexpected moments are the ones that make the best photographs!!

How many pictures will you take during my wedding?

Of course every wedding is different but if I spend the day with you I can easily shoot around 1,500 photos. That may seem like an overwhelming number of images, but I will edit them down, eliminating things like repetitive shots or people with their eyes closed, before presenting the edited version to you. Normally about five hundred images makes it into the final edit and those are the photos that are posted on line for you and your guests to see.

How do I view my photos on line?

I use a service called This service allows you to order custom prints, books, note cards etc. It saves you the trouble of passing around proofs and getting prints made for friends and family. Before the wedding your friends and family can sign up to receive an email when the photos are posted on line. On the day of the wedding I will have event cards that will direct your guests to your website and an email sign up sheet.

Do you offer albums?

Albums are on of the most important parts of your wedding memories. There has to be something physical for you to have for years to come to remember your wedding day. I offer albums through Pictage and they come in a range of colors/sizes for you to choose from. I also use a custom Album Design company called Couture which we can work together to make you a custom hand made wedding album to remember your big day.

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon EOS digital SLR cameras and a range of Canon professional-grade lenses, plus some location lighting depending on the situaion.

Do you shoot black and white, Color, or both?

Every photo is captured in color with digital photography, which gives us the option of converting any photos to black and white. In the editing process I sometimes find images that scream black and white to me so I will convert them. I used to shoot weddings with black and white film so there are some moments I feel really capture the feel better in black and white.

Will you travel?

Yes!! I love to travel to photograph weddings in different locations. Arrangements and travel outside the Maryland/DC area are handled on a case by case basis.

What if you get sick?

I am part of a network of photographers in the Baltimore/Washington DC area and I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement to cover your wedding. In the extremely unlikely event that I am too ill to cover your wedding and I cannot find a replacement I will refund you of all your money, including your deposit.

How do I book my wedding?

Your wedding is considered booked once I have a completed contract and booking fee from you. A wedding photographer will often receive multiple inquiries for the same day so it is very important that when you decide to go with Hickok Photography you reserve the date.

When do we pay you?

The full wedding photography package cost, less the deposit, is due to me no later then two weeks before the wedding date. I reserve the right to withhold services or products if you have not paid. Hickok Photography takes Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards. All checks should be made out to Wendy Hickok. Payment plans are available.