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How did you get into photography?

I spent most of my allowance money from 11-17 on developing film at CVS, but I never knew it would lead to my career as a photographer. I have always wanted to be an artist and sometimes it blows my mind that I am living out my childhood dreams.

My mom gave me her OM1 from her days as a high school photographer when I taking formal photo courses in college. I spent hours in the dark room developing film and printing my own images. Having the foundation of film photography behind my digital world now makes me appreciate how much things have changed. The accuracy that was necessary when shooting film was insane compared to the digital cameras of today. I still long for the magic of a photo popping through developer in the dark room and knowing that the photo I framed on my wall I made with my own two hands.

When did you photograph your first wedding?

A theater professor at Virginia Tech saw my zeal for photography and asked me to capture his wedding in 2003. It was at his little house by a river in the garden they had planted together. I photographed the wedding in some color and mostly in Tri X black and white film on my Canon Rebel! I still remember his red leather shoes, her red lipstick, their tearful loving vows, and the butterfly release into the trees. I also sang at the reception with a jazz quartet. I learned it was impossible to sing and photograph a wedding at the same time.

That was the day I caught the wedding bug. It was a challenge and a joy to find those little emotional moments within the day and I knew it was something I loved being there for. It inspired me to do photography full time so attending Hallmark Institute of Photography was my best choice in order to jump-start my business and learn all I could about the art of photography.

When did you start your business in Annapolis?

I moved to Annapolis in 2007 and have been photographing an average of 30 weddings a year since. I have also expanded into photographing bellies, babies, and families as my clients had children and expanded into a family. I love being asked back to photograph other big moments in their lives!

Wendy is a member of Professional Photographers of America, WPPI, and a graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography. She is also a 2010, 2011 Brides Choice Award winner from Wedding Wire! In 2011, she also was awarded the Knot’s Best of Weddings in 2011.