Questions & Answers

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What do you consider your photography style to be?

My style of photography is a mix of photojournalism – standing back and watching the day unfold and editorial – styling photographs of the two of you, the family, the details, and the bridal photos.

Do you bring an assistant or second photographer?

I bring an assistant with me to all weddings to help with gear and making the day go smoothly. If you would like a second pair of eyes on your wedding you may add a second on to your coverage or choose a package that includes one.

Are you the actual photographer who will be shooting on my wedding day?

Yes! I am the primary photographer for my business. The benefit of hiring an individual photographer versus a large corporate company is that all images, reviews, and blogs are from me. I am happy to be here for you before, during, and after the wedding making sure you have an awesome experience with your photographer!

What happens if you are not familiar with my ceremony/reception site?

With all my packages I guarantee a scouting trip to any location I have not officially photographed. I do weddings throughout MD, DC, and VA so it is impossible for me to have been at all the awesome places in the area, but I love adding new ones to my portfolio.

Can I submit a shot list?

I guarantee I have that list of important photos for the wedding day in my head. After hundreds of weddings I feel I know the plot and can anticipate those moments. A list of specific creative shots hinders my ability to be there for the impromptu moments and using my own eye to be creative. Your wedding is going to be different then any I have photographed so I like to be open to the idea of the unique photos we can capture together.

Do you shoot Destination Weddings?

Yes!! I love to travel to photograph weddings in different locations. It is my dream to photograph a wedding in every state as well as internationally! I have had the honor of being a Destination Photographer in Mexico and the Bahamas for clients in the past. I have photographed weddings in MA, MD, RI, VA, WVA, OH, VT, FL, NJ, and NH. I have a lot more states to go before I meet my goal so give me a call!

Are there any Travel Fees?

Travel fees apply for my destination weddings and when I am going to a location farther then 60 miles from Annapolis. Selective weddings around the Williamsburg, VA area can also be photographed without a travel fee. They also vary depending on length of stay, distance of travel, and amount of coverage.

Do you have references I can call and can I see a sample Contract?

Yes! My brides love to chat. After I receive your inquiry and then your questionnaire back about your wedding I can give you reference information. My contracts are online for the booking process. If you need to see one before then I am more then welcome to show it to you.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! It is important for every professional photographer to have liability insurance. I make sure all of my assistants and second photographers do as well in case anything should occur at the wedding where we will need it to protect ourselves as well as you.

What equipment do you use?

I use Canon EOS digital SLR cameras and a range of Canon professional-grade lenses, and additional lighting for the reception.

Do you have backup cameras?

Yes! I don’t go to any wedding without at least 3 cameras.

What happens if you get sick on the wedding day?

Crossing my fingers this never happens!! I am part of a network of photographers in the Baltimore/Washington DC area including the Annapolis Women Photographers and I will make every effort to find a suitable replacement to cover your wedding. In the extremely unlikely event that I am too ill to cover your wedding and I cannot find a replacement I will refund you of all your money, including your deposit.

What are your Retainer fee, the Booking Process, and your Cancellation Policy?

To be officially booked with Wendy Hickok Photography I require your signed contract as well as a $1000 retainer fee. I often receive multiple inquiries for the same day so once you decide I am the photographer for you we should go for it! The booking process is all online and easy for you to choose your package and sign the contract. The remainder of your payment is due 30 days before the wedding. Cancellation terms are within your contract and we can discuss at time of booking.

Engagement Photos:


Should we do an Engagement Photos?

An engagement session is a time for us to get to know each other, but also for you to have fun casual photos of the two of you to together in a fun location. I don’t want to be a stranger behind camera on your wedding day so it is a time for us to get to know each other!! Some people use the photographs to make a memory love book or a signature book for guests to sign at the wedding. I have Engagement photos in some of my packages, but it can also be purchased separately.

Where should we take our Engagement Photos?

I have photographed Engagement sessions all over Maryland and DC. I think it is important for you to find a place that means something to you as a couple or we can choose a fun location with a variety of backgrounds and places to play. Here are some of my favorite spots:

Annapolis Downtown Quiet Waters Park Savage Mill
Clyburn Arboretum Federal Hill/AVAM Capitol Hill

What should we wear for our Engagement Photos?

Wear what you feel good, look good, and don’t mind having some fun in. Every session is different you can have multiple layers for different looks or even a change of clothing to add to the variety. Think about your location and try to match the environment. If we are in a park then choose something a little more organic and natural. If we are in the city you might be more dressy and flashy etc. I love color so make sure to accent your eyes and choose your favorite colors!

Can we bring our pet to our Engagement Photos?

Yes! Pets are part of your family so you are welcome to have them at the session! If you do decide to bring a pet we might need an extra set of hands so just let me know ahead of time so we can talk about it.

Wedding Day:


When do you arrive on our wedding day?

My arrival time is up to you, and for most brides that means arrive a couple hours before the ceremony so I can be there for the getting ready and detail moments of your day. It is also a good time for me to get to know the family members. I am flexible about when you want me to arrive and use the coverage hours within your package.

When do we do the photos of just the Bride and Groom?

Getting amazing portraits of the bride and groom together is essential. As the day progresses I will occasionally see a nice opportunity to pose a quick portrait of the bride and groom, but the best pictures are built into your schedule. I like to have in at least twenty minutes before the ceremony with the bride alone and with her bridesmaids and thirty minutes or more with the bride and groom alone to get those first special moments after you are married. The more time you allow for creativity the more photos we can get. The photos of the two of you together can also be done in a First Look.

When should we take the group Family photographs?

The best time for getting through the family shots efficiently is immediately following the ceremony when everyone is in one place and still looking their best. Formal shots may also be taken before the ceremony depending on what scenario suits your wedding best.

How long do Family Photos take?

Family photos take about twenty minutes or more depending on the size of the families/groups/number of group shots. I send out a questionnaire about three months before the event so I know whom you want in them. As long as your guests are ready to go, cooperating, and know where they should be then we can make them beautiful and done quickly.

Do you play well with Videographers?

Yes. If they play nice. Working with a videographer is tricky because we are both going for the same important images at your event and we both want to make sure that your final product is fantastic. I love working with videographers that compromise, are non intrusive, and are a similar style as me because it tends to make our working environment easier. Video is a fantastic medium and can be another piece of art documenting your wedding day! So if you are thinking about having a videographer, go for it! I have a list of preferred videographers on my website.

After the Wedding:


What is a Photo Release Party?

I have a party for all my clients, if scheduled in advance, for them to see the wedding photos for the first time. I was finding that my clients weren’t spending time looking at the images together in a fun way so I love being able to host so you can see them on the big screen for the first time and we can start the album process right away.

How do I view my photos on line?

You will have an online gallery of all of your images released after your photo release party or within 60 days of your wedding. This service allows you to order custom prints, books, thank you cards etc. Friends and family can also view the images if you choose to share them.

How much editing is done on the final photographs?

I like to shoot correctly in camera, but I process all of my images through Lightroom. I do minimal retouching on most of my images, but I do add contrast, convert images to black and white, take out minor blemishes, and pop the color. My approach is more natural versus saturating colors, using effects, or artistically editing your photos drastically. Additional retouching and effects can be added for a fee.

How many high-resolution images will I receive?

I believe in quality over quantity when it comes to wedding photography. Normally about five hundred images makes it into the final edit and those are the photos that are posted on line for you and your guests to see as well as on your final hard drive of high resolution images.

Do the High Resolution Images have watermarks?

No, but I do give you a low-resolution version with my logo on them for online posting. You are welcome to print your own images from the High resolution images, but any online posting must have credit given to Wendy Hickok Photography and pointed towards my business page or website.

Why should I get an Album?

Digital files are great, but we have no idea where they will be in 10 years! I still love looking at the photos form my grandparents and parents wedding. Having a physical reminder of your wedding day for you, your kids, and your grandkids is priceless. I offer several albums in a range of colors/sizes/prices for you to choose from. We put together a custom design for your album as well as work hand in hand with you to make it perfect through an album design meeting at my studio.